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    Title: Influencia de la red social Facebook en las estudiantes de décimo grado de la institución educativa Colegio Técnico la Presentación en Pamplona, Norte de Santander.
    Authors: Tarazona Torres, César Eduardo.
    Keywords: Influencia.
    Issue Date: 2020
    Publisher: Universidad de Pamplona - Facultad de Artes y Humanidades.
    Citation: Tarazona Torres, C. E. (2019). Influencia de la red social Facebook en las estudiantes de décimo grado de la Institución Educativa Colegio Técnico la Presentación en Pamplona, Norte de Santander [Trabajo de Grado Pregrado, Universidad de Pamplona]. http://repositoriodspace.unipamplona.edu.co/jspui/handle/20.500.12744/3056
    Abstract: This research work studies the influence that the social network Facebook has on the tenth graders of the Educational Institution Technical College The Presentation, in which it seeks to determine, identify, analyze and characterize the influence through the different uses students give to it. From the perspective of communication, it is important to have a rapprochement and interaction with the different actors involved in the research in order to be able to know clearly and accurately the way in which the social network is used and to identify its influence for that applied three information gathering techniques that would be the survey, interview and performance, with the aim of being able to know in what way the social network Facebook influences students of 10th grade C of the Technical College La Presentación. In the information gathering techniques two specific audiences were carried out, which in this case were the tenth grade students and the teachers who dictate the different subjects, the interview and the performance was developed to the students and the interviews to the teachers of the institution, the analyzed data showed that the social network Facebook does influence cognitive, educational and social aspects.
    Description: El autor no proporciona la información sobre este ítem.
    URI: http://repositoriodspace.unipamplona.edu.co/jspui/handle/20.500.12744/3056
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