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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2019Implementing storytelling activities to enhance speaking skills among 9th graders at “institución educativa técnica nuestra señora de la presentación chinácota N.S”.Montañez Fernández, Adriana Marcela
    2019The Implementation Of Authentic Materials Using The Task-based Learning Approach To Enhance Written Skills Of 8th Grade Students At “Escuela Normal Superior De Pamplona”: An Action Research.Maldonado García, Mónica Tatiana
    2019“One Travel, A Lot Of Lives” Portfolio, As A Tool To Improve Writing Skills And Vocabulary In 7thgraders At “La Presentación” High School: An Action Research.Quintero Mendoza, Sandrid Paola.
    2019The creation of a news program using task based learning approach to improve english speaking in sixth grade students at bethlemitas brighton high school.Avella Martínez, Carolina.
    2019Developing critical thinking through receptive and productive skills in a foreign language class: an action research project on tenth grade students at Jose Rafael Faria Bermúdez high school.Pavas Amado, Brayan Samir
    2019Enhancing 7th Graders’ Reading Comprehension Through Narrative And Descriptive Texts At Provincial San Jose High School: An Action Research. Araque Jaimes, Maria Geraldine.
    2019The use of collaborative strategic reading technique as a way to improve reading comprehension and enhance written production in students from 11th grade at águeda gallardo high school: an action research.Robledo Moreno, Ingrid Paola.
    2019Using Story Bird As A Strategy To Develop Writing Skills In 7th Grade At Normal Superior In Pamplona, Colombia: An Action Research.Prieto Urquiola, Miguel Alejandro.
    2019The Scrapbooking as a Tool to Enhance Writing Skills in 6th Graders at ‘La Presentación High School’.Araque Lamus, Jeniffer Dayana.
    2019Improving Speaking Skill through the Implementation of Task-Based Learning in Sixth Graders at ‘La Presentación High School.Álvarez Mancipe, Maie Valentina.