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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020Improving writing skills through the use of fables with ninth grade students at “La Presentación” high school.Moreno Cárdenas, Vivian Fernanda.
    2020A radio show to enhance english listening skills and cultural conciousness at INEAN in Santa Rosa del Sur.Castañeda Alfonso, Jorge Mario.
    2020The FIVES Strategy as a Way to Enhance Reading Comprehension in Eleventh Graders at Normal Superior Cristo Rey School.Suárez Betancour, Jelitza Andrea.
    2020Implementing the Use of Narratives as a Strategy to Enhance Tenth Grades’ Writing Skills at Normal Superior de Corozal high school: An Action research.Ortega Tovar, Jesús Danilo.
    2020Use of games and oral tasks to improve the oral production in 10th students of a public high school in Cúcuta.Flórez Parada, Yurley Stephania.
    2020Enhancing writing skills through news production in 9th grade students from Bethlemitas Brighton school.Ramírez González, Sandra Milena.
    2020Description of pictures as a learning tool to encourage sixth graders oral production at la presentación high school: an action research.Pesca Lamus, Viana Shirley.
    2020Environmental awareness as a mean for improving speaking skill as a second language in 8th-grade students at “Concentracion de Desarrollo Rural” in Saravena, Colombia: an action research.Arévalo Ostos, Zuyi Marlay.
    2020Enhancing English Oral production by Authentic Tasks in Ninth Graders Students at La Presentación High School: An action-research.Jaimes Jaimes, Ysmay Elisa.
    2020Implementing recycling activities as a strategy to improve speaking skills in 9th grade students at institución educativa Rafael Uribe Uribe: action research.Chiquillo Marimon, Yuris Johana.