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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2022The use of Colombian myths and legends as a cultural strategy to improve the students’ English reading comprehension skills from ninth grade in Francisco José de Caldas school: an action research.Fuentes Parra, Stefanny Dianne.
    2022Implementing short stories for enhancing tenth grade students’ reading comprehension Skills at the educational Institution Águeda Gallardo de Villamizar in Pamplona (Colombia).León Solís, Valentina.
    2021Infographics as a didactic tool for teaching grammar and vocabulary at the Educational Institution José Aquilino Durán, in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander.Montero Campo, Paulina María.
    2021TED talk as a pedagogic tool to encourage listening skill development in ninth graders students at francisco jose de caldas, a public school.Rodriguez Velasquez, Roxana.
    2020Enhancing writing skills through news production in 9th grade students from Bethlemitas Brighton school.Ramírez González, Sandra Milena.
    2021The implementation of fables as a strategy to foster reading comprehension through workshops: A classroom action research at the eight-grade students of Águeda Gallardo de Villamizar high school.Gelvez Saavedra, Paula Andrea.
    2021Implementing explanatory videos as strategy to improve grammar skills in 9th grade students in pandemic times in Nuestra Señora de Belen High School in Salazar de las Palmas, Colombia: an action research.Ortiz Gutiérrez, Silvia Fernanda.
    2021Developing reading strategies on tenth and eleventh graders to improve their reading comprehension in their english course at the Francisco José De Caldas School: an action research.Bata Cortes, Sara Neyid.
    2022Using family topics to promote written production through Canva platform in 7th grade students from the Bethlemitas Brighton High School in Pamplona.Bautista Boada, Wendy Bibiana.
    2021The implementation of games to improve english vocabulary in eighth grade students at San Francisco José De Caldas High School in Cucuta: An action research.Ramírez Rico, Sandy Danitza.