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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2017The use of comic strips as innovated tool to enhance effectively 7th grade students‟ English literacy and vocabulary at provincial San Jose high school in Pamplona Norte de Santander: an action research.Villamizar Gauta, Yesid Alfredo.
    2017Fostering writing skills through the use of newspaper from 6th to 9th graders at the Cristo Rey high school: an action research study.Conda Vergel, Wilmer Alexander.
    2017Encourager la créativité chez les apprenants de fle du niveau a2 pour donner un renouveau à la pratique Pedagogique.Páez Mendoza, Nancy Liliana.
    2017La mise en place de l’approche interculturelle pour encourager les compétences de production chez les apprenants de fle niveau a2-b1.1.Gamarra Vargas, Nelson Daniel.
    2017Implementing drama activities as a strategy to enhance oral production in EFL students at Jose rafael Fair high school: an action research.Mantilla Gutiérrez, Lizeth Tatiana.
    2017Developing oral skill through the use of task-based learning approach at Agueda Gallardo de Villamizar high school.Barroso Guerra, Gever Luis.
    2017Implementing song writing and composition to foster high school student's writing skills at the Normal Superior of Pamplona: an action research.Lizcano Prieto, Carlos Augusto.
    2017Estudio comparativo del modelo del profesional de los docentes en formación del programa de pedagogía infantil de la Universidad de Pamplona-Colombia y de las carreras educación infantil de la Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas “Enrique José Varona”-Cuba.Jaimes Ortega, Gisselle Katherine.
    2017Implementing role plays and simulations as a means to reinforce the oral competence of 10th grade students at José Rafael Faría Bermúdez high School: an action research.Morinelly Mendez, Jesid Alberto.
    2017Storytelling to improve eighth graders’ oral production at Escuela Normal Superior de Pamplona.Silva Rey, Esther Paola.