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    dc.contributor.authorGalvis Sarmiento, Kely Shoharis.-
    dc.identifier.citationGalvis Sarmiento, K. S. (2020). Reactivación de la plataforma Hubspot utilizada en el Área de Gestión Comercial y Mercadeo de la empresa Comware S.A [Trabajo de Grado Pregrado, Universidad de Pamplona]. Repositorio Hulago Universidad de Pamplona. http://repositoriodspace.unipamplona.edu.co/jspui/handle/20.500.12744/4505es_CO
    dc.descriptionLa autora no proporciona la información sobre este ítem.es_CO
    dc.description.abstractComWare S.A is a Colombian commercial company, with administrative, patrimonial and budgetary autonomy, submitted to the general regime that Forty years of experience integrating services and technological solutions, supported by a valuable group of strategic allies and highly qualified personnel. Always in constant search of the best strategic allies, in order to provide the best service in the integration of solutions on information technology and telecommunications for the public and private business sector. During the practical stage carried out in the area of commercial management and marketing of that organization where work was carried out with the activation of the HubSpot platform, by updating the database. In this process it was possible to know much more in depth the operation of the company from the point of view of marketing and publicity, which allowed the development of a diagnosis where some minimum deficiencies were detected, in the area to work.es_CO
    dc.publisherUniversidad de Pamplona - Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales.es_CO
    dc.subjectLa autora no proporciona la información sobre este ítem.es_CO
    dc.titleReactivación de la plataforma Hubspot utilizada en el Área de Gestión Comercial y Mercadeo de la empresa Comware S.A.es_CO
    dc.relation.referencesOrtiz Morales, M. D., Joyales Aguilar , L., & Giraldo Marín, L. M. (2016). Los desafíos del marketing en la era del big data. Revista ebci, 1-25.es_CO
    dc.relation.referencesComWare S.A. (5 de Febrero de 2019). Obtenido de https://www.comware.com.co/es_CO
    dc.relation.referencesDAVID, F. R. (2003). Conceptos de Administración Estratégica. México: PEARSON Prentice Hall.es_CO
    dc.relation.referencesHubSpot. (5 de Febrero de 2020). Obtenido de https://www.hubspot.es/es_CO
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