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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020Implementing vocabulary games with 8th Graders as a motivation strategy to improve their writing skills at Provincial San Jose High School: An Action Research.Flórez Cacua, Nubia Brillit.
    2021The implementation of short stories to enhance reading skill in 7th and 8th grade students at Provincial San José School.Rosas Mendoza, Erika Paola.
    2021The use of short stories as a tool to enhance written comprehension in eighth graders at Joel Sierra Gonzalez school in Tme- Arauca.Castillo Solano, Ingrid Briyith.
    2021Enhancing Reading Comprehension through Literary and Non-literary Texts in Tenth Graders at Carlos Arturo Torres Peña School: A Practice for State ExaminationsRincón Rincón, Hilda Lorena.
    2021Implementation of effective readers’ strategies for improving the reading skill in 11th grade students from the Educational Institution Carlos Mauro Hoyos.Garzon Daza, Faisully.
    2020The Use of Cooperative Learning Strategy (CLS) to Enhance Speaking Skills in 7th Grade Students at the Seminario Menor Santo Tomas De Aquino School in Pamplona.Cancino Rueda, Yessica Zurith.
    2020Improving writing skills through the use of fables with ninth grade students at “La Presentación” high school.Moreno Cárdenas, Vivian Fernanda.
    2020Use of games and oral tasks to improve the oral production in 10th students of a public high school in Cúcuta.Flórez Parada, Yurley Stephania.
    2021Creating an online school newspaper based on written style as a strategy to improve writing skill in 6th Grade Students at Agueda Gallardo Villamizar School.Ramírez Moncada, Jazmín Adriana.
    2022The use of pictures as a strategy to foster the speaking skills of 11th grade students at the Francisco Jose de Caldas high school in CucutaMéndez Castillo, Linda Lucía.