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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020The implementation of movie trailers to encourage cultural learning as strategy to improve listening comprehension in eigth grade students At José Antonio Galán High School.Oses López, Diego Andrés.
    2021La Mise En Place Des Séquences Pédagogiques Comme Soutien Académique Dans Le Contexte De L’urgence Sanitaire Pour La Covid-19.Acosta Daza, Harold Camilo.
    2021The use of flash fiction stories as a strategy to encourage literary writing in eleventh-grade students at Instituto Técnico Patios Centro 2: An action research study.Flórez, Edgar.
    2020Implementing Fables to Enhance Reading Skill in 11th Graders at a Public School in San Fernando Bolivar.Torres Álvarez, Heiner José.
    2019The improvement of oral production through the implementation of videoblogging and task based learning approach with the course Elementary English II at a public university in Colombia.Campo Barrios, Victor Manuel.
    2020Total Physical Response (TPR) method to foster English Speaking through Task Based Learning in seventh grade students at Brighton High School in Pamplona. An action Researh.Roa Sierra, Gerson Duvan.
    2020A travel book based on Task Based Learning to enhance writing skills of 6th grade students at the Escuela Normal Superior: An action research.Romero Gómez, Wilder Mauricio
    2020The Implementation of Games in an EFL Classroom Using the Communicative Approach for Enhancing the Speaking Skill of 6th Grade Students at “Colegio Municipal Gremios Unidos” An Action Research.Agudelo Escalante, Yohan David.
    2020Improving EFL Learners’ Communicative skills at a Public High School Through Cultural Based Contents.Soler Trujillo, Yovanny Ricardo.
    2020A radio show to enhance english listening skills and cultural conciousness at INEAN in Santa Rosa del Sur.Castañeda Alfonso, Jorge Mario.